The Teacher's Magazine Nº 197

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This month, The Teacher's Magazine brings along lots of ideas, stories and lesson plans to work around the topic of Christmas.
You will find a story called The Unexpected Present in which two children receive a wonderful Christmas present. As always, there are activities for very young learners and young learners to do while and after telling the story.
There is also a Christmas project to practise vocabulary and introduce new structures including a story to read with children. You will also find activities to work with Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer, such as singing a
song and watching a movie as well as vocabulary and grammar exercises.
For young learners and teenagers, there is a lesson plan about how people from different places celebrate Christmas.
To get ready for the holidays, there are lesson plans and activities on the topic of travelling, including a lesson plan called Round the World.
You will also find cards for season's greetings and for the holidays.

Poster 1: The Unexpected Present.
Poster 2: Christmas.