The Teacher's Magazine Nº 202

This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along stories and lesson plans for all ages and levels around the topic environment.
For very young learners, there is a lesson plan –and a poster– on wild animals. The story I Am (Not) a Lonely Tree, is designed to bring the issue of the environment to our classes and to discuss deforestation.
Preserve Me! is a lesson plan for teenagers, in which students have to design a campaign to preserve an area or a species in their community.
There is the second part of Let’s Explore Wonderland and also the second part of Video Creation in the ELF classroom.
In our website,, there is a pdf file with all the links mentioned in this issue. You will also find downloadable material, including page 13 from our issue 149.
Last but not least, you will find a lesson plan to celebrate winter in our class and to work with Flag Day.

Poster 1:
I Am (Not) a Lonely Tree
Poster 2:
Wild Animals