The Teacher's Magazine Nº 224

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This month, The Teacher’s Magazine brings along lots of ideas to work on different topics.
On our YouTube Channel, you will find the story Giants from the Past, at: (spanish version) (english version)
Cards to tell the story are available on downloadable pages, so visit our webpage to find them for free. There are also many activities related to the story, including a poster with parts of the body.
Poster 1 displays a map of The United States of America. There are also several photocopiable pages to work on the topic.
Parts of the body are presented in a project with many activities, including songs and photocopiable pages.
In our Phonics for Kids section, consonants will be presented in a Consonant ExPLOSION! A chart with the English Monophthongs for the Twenty-first Century will also be found in this issue.
Halloween is coming, and you will find some ideas to decorate the classroom and to plan classes around the topic.

Poster 1: The United States of America Map
Poster 2: Parts of the Body