The Teacher´s Magazine Nº 139

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This month, The Teacher's Magazine brings along thematic units and activities around the topic of Family.
For very young learners, there is a story called Friends of All Kinds in which some puppies learn that they can be friends with other animals.
For young learners at beginner level, you will find another story called A Wonderful Day, in which a young girl has a great birthday party surrounded by friends and family.
For teenagers, there are many Family lesson plans and activities for different levels to practise different skills, vocabulary and grammar.
Just to get ready for important dates in May, you will find a lesson plan for teenagers around the topic of jobs, and another lesson plan for young and very young learners to celebrate Mother's Day.

Poster 1: A Family of All Kinds–flashcards to tell the story.
Poster 2: Grammar: Verb to be Question words.