The Teacher's Magazine Nº 160

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This month, The Teacher's Magazine suggests entertaining activities to accompany your students' learning processes.
For Very Young Learners, the story The Crow, the Fox and the Cheese comes along with fun tasks and a memorable moral. In the Phonics section, the comic An Unusual Tour provides work on the diphthong /ʊə/ and other sounds. You will also find amazing ideas to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and to welcome Spring.
Young Learners will have the opportunity to work with Gender Identity and learn about World Water Day.
Easter celebration will be joyful with the suggestions presented in this issue. And the cute poster on Monsters will prove useful for both Young and Very Young Learners.

Poster 1: The Crow, the Fox and the Cheese
Poster 2: Monsters
Poster 3: Plant Life Cycle